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    TADASANA (Mountain Pose)

    TADASANA (Mountain Pose) As summer continues to heat up, so can your practice. One of the most challenging parts of yoga is to remain in the present. When you commit to coming to your mat, or if you want to, but haven’t yet, you will …

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  • Letting Go

    As I was composing my thoughts for an abbreviated and tardy newsletter, I realized I had overextended myself with more than I could accomplish. As a result, I noticed pain creeping back into the nerves of my shin, a clear indicator of stress, reminding me …

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  • Words Are Powerful

    When I arrived home from a 30 day program at a renowned Alcohol & Drug Rehab in Pennsylvania sixteen years ago, I knew I needed to change my thoughts and the words I spoke. Specifically, I needed to reprogram and reboot my consciousness,  a very challenging task, to say the …

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  • Did you meditate today?

    Did you meditate today?

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    Here’s a snippet from: CHAPTER 8 – BANGING MY HEAD AGAINST A BRICK WALL Desperate in the quest for change, I fell short countless times, unable to find the key to unlock the power to do so. I immersed myself in anything I felt would …

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  • Do You Have an Inner Thorn that Needs Removing?

    If you haven’t read Michael Singer’s “The Untethered Soul” yet, do yourself a favor and go buy the book; that is, if you want personal freedom and inner peace. Singer takes you on a journey that is easy to understand, yet is profound in many …

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  • Archetypes

    WHAT IS AN ARCHETYPE?  Why do you want to know? First, an archetype is a pattern of power that everyone, including you, recognizes and uses all the time. When you label a person as a Princess or a Rebel, you know their characteristics just from that …

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  • Truth or Perception?

    One morning last week, I was sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast, when I picked up the new O’ magazine. An article by Elizabeth Gilbert caught my attention. It was titled, “The View from Here”, and she wrote how “the older she got, the …

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  • 4 Steps to Letting Go of Resentment

    Have you ever held onto anger when you’ve been cut off by another car? I have, and it was’t a pretty sight. My stomach would knot, my chest felt like it was about to explode, and I would bless the driver with my middle finger. It was a …

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  • Chapter 10 Breakthrough

    We were separated into two groups, A and B, for the intense integrated recovery and psychodrama sections of the program. I can recall the “method” acting everyone performed; each person was to assign someone in the group to play a family member. They were then instructed …

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