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Why Do You Practice Yoga?

pic-1There are many reasons people start to do yoga. Some start for sound reasons: exercise, a healthier lifestyle, to alleviate pain, to quiet their mind. Others for not so sound reasons: because it’s the “in” thing to do, everyone’s doing it, I “should”. What is your “WHY” for practicing yoga? Think over this question, dwell, even contemplate on it. Go within, visit your inner spirit and ask the question, “WHY do I practice yoga?” You may get an answer that you don’t anticipate.

Many people fear the idea of going within. They face the true essence of their being, not the persona they show the world. For many, it’s a situation they’ve never encountered and can be uncomfortable, just like transitioning into a new yoga pose. Allow yourself to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Open yourself to the experience of coming to know the actual “you”. Be honest. Be brave. Be fearless. Breathe…..just breathe.

After you’ve taken the time to go within, taken time to reflect, taken time to “just be”, ask yourself the question again, “WHY do I practice yoga?” You may discover that hidden deep at heart, like a forgotten treasure, lies an explanation that surprises you. When it does, how sweet it is!