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Chapter 6 ~ Allergic to Alcohol

“If you’re allergic to alcohol…can you take shots for that?” ~ Shmuel Breban ~

In fact, I’m allergic to alcohol. I break out in spots: New York, Philadephia, Washington, DC. “Allergic to Alcohol” picks up after I graduate from college, allergictoalcoholsignsthe point in my life where I escaped death a number of times. I reveal three scenarios where I “came to” in ill-advised locations with perfect strangers.

Throughout the two and a half year’s post-graduation, my alcoholism went from problematic to early dependency. Blackouts were the norm, and I was powerless over my behavior. My judgment was drastically impaired, as evidenced by my third and final arrest—for driving under the influence—because I stubbornly refused to let my friend take the wheel.

This chapter ends with a terrifying night when, on the precipice of Hell’s door, I felt the grace of God give me the strength and courage to survive.