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Chapter 2 ~ The Invisible Child

“She’s an invisible girl, who doesn’t want to stand out, she just wants to be heard, without having to shout.” ~ Whispered Words, Breanna Stockham ~


In Chapter 2, my five-months-pregnant mother tells my father in no uncertain terms she wants to return to Delaware to be near family when the baby is born in December. My father had resigned from General Motors and needed to search for a new career, paving the way for life-changing events. The major changes for me included: moving to a new home in a new state, becoming a big sister for the first time, enrolling in a new school, and having to make new friends.invisible-2

These developments were overwhelming but would pale in comparison to the time my father told me that Michael, my baby brother, had died. As I faced death for the first time, unfamiliar emotions come over me; anger welled up first, then grief took over. My parents either didn’t realize how much I was affected or didn’t know how to help me work through these painful feelings, which left me so confused. Consequently, I did the only thing I knew how to do—I stuffed them down. Unable to express my grief, anger, and fear, caused the Invisible Child, one of the Four Survival Archetypes, to emerge.