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The following chapter summary is the first of nineteen of my book, “STRUCK BY LIGHTNING ~ My Journey from the Shadow to the Light.”


Chapter 1 ~ Little Miss Extrovert

“I am a little extrovert.” ~ Kushal Pal Singh ~

  I was born a pickle. Yes, you read correctly. Since I was born a pickle, the odds were stacked against me. Other children were born as cucumbers that might or might not ferment into pickles, but I didn’t have that choice. I was born an Addict.

    In this opening chapter, I lay the foundation to enable the reader to understand where my life started and why I made the choices I did. Describing several archetypes of mine, as well as an archetypal initiation about truth ttruthhat everyone has experienced, I explain why they are pivotal to my story.

    Chapter 1 is a brief overview of my first five years of life and the period when the Addict, Athlete, and Student archetypes first emerged. Several significant life moments are described that demonstrate both shadow and light aspects and, in one instance, the struggle between the two.