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Do you believe in synchronicity and miracles? They happen constantly, but I wasn’t open to receiving or seeing them for many years because of the struggle to face the truth about myself. It took years of living under a dark cloud, full of pain and suffering before I was ready to experience the light of truth.

Struck by Lightning: My Journey from the Shadow to the Light is the outcome of unsolicited encouragement. For the past decade or so, when revealing the unusual happenings of my life – being born a “pickle,” getting struck by lightning, and importing a husband from Germany who didn’t speak English – many friends emboldened me to write a book.

It wasn’t until I became a student of Caroline Myss, and learned archetypal patterns, that I became fascinated with understanding my individual patterns of behavior. Archetypes are universal patterns of power that become personalized when they are integrated into your essential nature, and all have light and shadow aspects. After studying them for several years, I decided to write my spiritual autobiography.

Struck by Lightning identifies the principal archetypes I was born with, sprinkling them throughout the book. Since I repressed many emotions I didn’t want to feel, I was living in their shadow aspect, which as Myss states, are primarily rooted in fear patterns that have more control over your behavior than does your conscious mind. You may even identify with one or more yourself, notice the shadow aspects, and decide not to fear empowerment.

Sometimes my archetypes go to war with each other, while in other circumstances, the battle is waged between the light and the shadow. Some of the life experiences I share may cause you to chuckle, and more than some may make you feel uncomfortable, but all are pivotal in my journey, and by the end, you will have witnessed the systematic metamorphosis of my awakening.

Everything in my history led me to the Wounded Healer. Surviving the challenges of my past, I have gained a greater awareness, understanding, and empathy for others. The central archetypes, whose shadows I lived in, led me astray and down a murky abyss to the dark night of the soul, where I confront and make peace with them. I stood at a turning point; alone and nowhere to go, I had to make a choice – ask God for help, or die. It was this Spiritual Awakening – or what Ms. Myss calls an Initiation – the rebirth of my authentic self, that brought me into the light as I journeyed the healing path of the Wounded Healer.

This book reads like fiction; it is both poignant and humorous and pulls you, the reader,m into my life, where you accompany me as I awaken to Divine Grace., You will experience my raw emotions – fear, shame, despair, hope, and finally love – as if they were your own. It is my hope, that when you finish reading this book, you look within yourself, and gain a greater understanding of the reason you are the person you are today.

One final note: It takes willingness, as well as strength and courage, to go within, discovering the deep truth about yourself. It shouldn’t be taken lightly or casually, and it is best to have someone you can trust and who holds space for you throughout the healing process. We all have wounds, but we don’t have to live our lives in them. May the Grace of God be with you and in you.

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