About Debbie

Debbie was introduced to yoga through Ayurveda, a 5,000 year old science of healing that began in India. Ayurveda is based on re-balancing the organic structure through several sensory systems that include diet, workout and lifestyle as well as the mind, body and spirit. After visiting several doctors to alleviate her nerve pain that resulted from a lightning strike in 1978, Debbie began looking for an alternative to pain medication.

She started her yoga practice in June, 2010 with a non-heated Essentials class, but soon enrolled in the Brand New Beginners Program. After that, Debbie signed up for unlimited yoga and practiced regularly five times a week.

By the end of her first year she resolved to become a teacher, enrolling in Empowered Yoga’s 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. It was during this time she experienced a miraculous occurrence: Debbie made the determination to heal her body — and within two months was pain free! She attributes this result to her commitment to come to her mat on a steady basis.

Debbie has been teaching individual classes for the past 3 years and has found this to be so rewarding she wanted to open her own studio. And so Go Within Yoga was born.

Clients say …

After many years of chronic back pain and 2 spinal surgeries, I am finding I can stretch and strengthen my body without pain! Thanks to Debbie for giving me this opportunity and coaching me to believe I can do it!Pat W.

I’ve been practicing yoga with Debbie since September 2013. She is not only an excellent teacher but also a great motivator and coach. I always leave the mat feeling stronger and more balanced, both physically and emotionally.Mike M.

The benefits of Debbie’s classes have exceeded my expectations. I have found that yoga has made me stronger both physically and mentally. Debbie is dedicated to helping her students learn the poses of yoga, as well as the mental discipline that will carry over to their everyday lives. She is a caring instructor who wants her students to succeed in yoga, and in life.Annette M.

Debbie is a registered Yoga Alliance RYT 200 instructor, and has been teaching yoga at Newark Parks and Recreation since February, 2013.